How Important Are Janitors and Janitorial Staff to Our Daily Lives?

How Important Are Janitors and Janitorial Staff to Our Daily Lives?

When we walk into our workplaces every day, it’s easy to take for granted that the floors are swept, the trash has been emptied, and common surfaces have been professionally cleaned and sanitized. Yet, keeping spaces clean is an essential part of maintaining healthy offices and businesses. Janitors and custodians provide more than an aesthetic touch-up—they are trained professionals that eliminate the germs and viruses that cause illness and help limit the spread of infection with regular cleaning.

So how do custodians and janitors impact our daily lives?

Janitors know how to keep spaces clean and tidy.

No one likes to work in a chaotic environment. When your environment is clean, you can think clearly because distractions are limited, reducing stress and increasing productivity. Custodians know how to keep work areas de-cluttered and clean without interrupting personal items to ensure smooth work so that offices can maintain efficiency.

Janitors limit the spread of infection.

Having a tidy environment to work in is great, but safety should always be your top priority. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted just how easily pathogens can spread. Janitorial staff are trained and equipped to disinfect communal surfaces with professional-grade materials to limit the spread of diseases, including the common cold and flu, that can spread like wildfire across an office.

Janitors reduce other irritants.

Germs aren’t the only things that can make workers sick. Dust and allergens can accumulate quickly in any space. Custodians and janitors make sure surfaces are clean, so your seasonal allergies stay outside, and those who suffer from allergens can work comfortably. Additionally, regular cleaning can limit reactions to pet hair and other allergens that workers can bring in from outside the office, keeping the space pleasant for everyone.

Janitors are essential workers.

While you may not see your office’s janitorial staff daily, they are essential to your team. Just like managers keep work moving, janitors keep workspaces safe for customers and workers. Whether in a healthcare setting where cleanliness and disinfectants are critical to maintaining healthy patients or in an office environment where teams work closely, your janitorial staff is essential to keeping business moving. They are vital partners in keeping your staff healthy and your environment productive.

Choose your janitorial staff carefully and ensure they are knowledgeable about the cleaning procedures that limit the spread of pathogens and allergens to keep your staff healthy and productive. Remember that your janitorial staff is a vital part of your team and equip them with the tools and supplies they need to keep your business moving and your staff safe.