Trash Can Liner Guide

Trash Can Liner Guide

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best trash can liner for commercial or home use. The type of trash can, the size of the liner, and the frequency of use are all important factors to consider.

Here is more detailed information about the difference in plastic trash liners:

Low-Density Liner

Durable, linear low-density polyethylene can liners are more likely to stretch than they are to tear or split, making them perfect for commercial applications. Star-sealed bottom minimizes the potential for leaks, allowing for the smooth transportation of refuse without fear of causing a mess. Tear- and puncture-resistant.

High-Density Liner

High-density polyethylene provides superior, firm strength performance and trusted waste collection at an affordable price. A can liner you can rely on that’s ideal for paper and non-sharp objects. The sturdy, star-seal bottom helps prevent leaks and keep lighter loads sealed inside the bag. Individually folded for quick and easy dispensing.

High-density trash bags are often used in commercial and industrial settings, where there is a need to collect and dispose of large amounts of waste. These bags can also be used in the home, for tasks such as cleaning out the garage or for throwing out yard waste.

What Should You Use?

If the trash can is only used occasionally, a thinner liner may be sufficient. If the trash can is used frequently and accepts more waste, a thicker liner will be necessary to prevent leaks.

Both high-density and low-density liners can be used for commercial purposes but will vary depending on the type of trash can, the size of the liner, the amount of refuse, and the budget. There are many different types of trash can liners available, so it is important to consider all the factors before making a decision.

Precision Chemical & Paper Supply offers a wide selection of trash can liners, whether it’s industrial liners, like the Inteplast LLDPE ultra-tough liner and the Inteplast Draw-Tuff® hospital liner, to everyday use bags like the Ultra Plus® liner and Boardwalk® high-density bags, Precision has you covered.